Mixed Feelings and Up Beat Dancing || Finchel

Rachel has a problem. A huge problem. Ever since her and Finn’s first dance lesson, the young girl has down nothing but think of her teacher. Literally, he was even haunting her dreams. No matter what she did he couldn’t keep her teacher off of her mind, and she hated it. This man was her teacher, her mentor, someone who was put in her life to teach her things. Yet, the one thing he was teaching her was that she felt something for him that she shouldn’t, she had a crush on the guy. No, more than a crush, she genuinely like him. They had been talking and maybe she was just reading into things, but she felt like they were flirting. They weren’t suppose to be flirting, they weren’t even technically suppose to be texting or even talking. This entire thing was quickly turning into a mess, a mess she couldn’t pull herself out of. The thing that made it worse… Finn probably didn’t even feel the same way. She was just his student to him. 

Her feelings weren’t something she’s ever felt before. No other guy had ever made Rachel feel as special and noticed before. He made her truly smile and that meant the world. She agreed to give him dance lessons and that’s exactly what she’s going to do. Putting her silly feelings aside, Rachel changed into more dance appropriate clothing and grabbed her own ipod and headed out the door to Finn’s. Reaching his house she gave herself a pep talk and a scolding, telling herself not to get involved with him anymore than she already was. She was there for a reason and she was going to teach him to dance and then leave, nothing more. Ringing the door bell, she crossed her arms and waited for him to answer, feeling more nervous than anything to see him out of school again. You can do this, Rachel. Just keep your distance and talk about dance. That’s all you have to do. She thought to herself as she waited for the door to open.

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