The Weekend || Finchel

Rachel had never felt so many different emotions in her life. She was excited to be not only seeing Finn but to be spending the night with him, which makes her beyond happy. Her nerves were getting to her though, she’s also meeting his friends today. The very ones who were already judging her with out knowing her and could very well ruin everything between herself and Finn. It wasn’t that she didn’t trust Finn and trust his feeling of his friends, she just wasn’t sure if in the end they would make it easy for them or not. 

She wanted them to like her, to understand that she just wasn’t this young girl after an older man. Rachel and Finn have a connection, chemistry that she had no idea could exist between to people and the want for them to last was so strong for Rachel that she was willing to everything in her power to make sure it happened. That included meeting whoever he wanted her to meet from his friends to eventually is mom. 

Driving to his house, Rachel tried to stay positive focusing on the time they were going to be spending together instead of the time his friends would be joining them. She missed him so much all the time. When they were at school and in class she had to stop her self from staring at him instead directing her gaze to her desk or her friends. They saw each other enough to make it all bearable but she still missed him. Grabbing her stuff for their night together she knocked on her door smiling wide when he opened it. “Hey.” She whispered kissing him the second the door was closed. There was still nothing like kissing him and knowing that she was going to be able to kiss him for two days, made it all even more worth it.

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